Monthly Archives: February 2007

UCSF Takes over Remainder of Kaiser’s Kidney Transplant Program

The University of California at San Francisco has taken over a post-transplant clinic for kidney patients at Kaiser Permanente’s San Francisco hospital, bringing to an end Kaiser’s brief, scandal-plagued foray into the organ transplant business, according to a Los Angeles Times report. The takeover means that UC doctors now will care for Kaiser’s kidney transplant [Sign in to read the full article...]

Researchers Create “One-parent” Embryos

In a mouse study, University of Pennsylvania researchers have created embryos using genetic material from only one parent – either a mother or a father, according to a Philadelphia Inquirer report. This dead-ended the embryos’ development, but not before the organisms reached the stage where they contained embryonic stem cells. In a first-of-its-kind experiment, these [Sign in to read the full article...]